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What Makes Door to Door Better than Terminal Shipping?

Door to Door Better than Terminal ShippingWhen you hear the term “door to door” you automatically think of someone coming right to your door. Right? Of course you do and when it comes to door to door pick-up and delivery that is just what you get. The auto transporter will drive to your home or business and pick-up or deliver your car as close to your door as possible. Of course, that can also mean the street or parking lot nearest your location that is accessible to the transport truck, but you get the gist of what door to door is now.

When your car is transported door to door you will have the opportunity to speak to the transport driver when he arrives. You’ll walk around the car with the driver as he completes an inspection and will be able to watch as your car is loaded onto the truck. This is a huge advantage because you will be able to verify that the car was loaded safely. When you use a terminal to have your car picked up you aren’t able to watch the car being loaded and you don’t have the opportunity to speak to the driver at all. Door to door allows a peace of mind with knowing the person who will be driving your car to the new location.

When you have a car shipped from a terminal it can often take up to a month or longer to schedule the pick-up from the terminal. Transporting door to door cuts that wait time down drastically with average pick-ups being within a week and often less. If you need your car shipped from Boston to Houston having to wait on terminal pick-up can delay your car from arriving for quite some time. Door to door makes the wait time far shorter and you will have your automobile to use in a quicker amount of time. Another negative side of shipping from a terminal is that in order to schedule the car for pick-up it must be dropped off first. That means if you need to use a car you will need to have another one or rent one which can be expensive during the time your car will have to sit waiting on pick-up.

Another downside to using terminal shipping is that your car will not be where you can keep an eye on it. Many people may have access to the terminal and if something were to happen to your car while it is sitting alone, there may be no chance of claiming damages because no one would be able to verify exactly who caused the damages. Door to door is a safer option since you will know who has the car and there can be no dispute as to who is responsible once you have met the driver. While this is a very infrequent worry, it is still safer to use door to door when at all possible.

Many people only have the option of terminal shipping due to move dates or relocation that must be complete before the car can be shipped. Boston Auto Transport thoroughly checks the safety in all terminals that we use to better ensure our customers that their automobiles will be in safe hands at all times. To schedule terminal or door to pick-up for your car call us today for a free quote and to have your car shipped in the fastest time possible.


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