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Why Are Open Automobile Transporters so Popular?

Automobile Transporters so PopularAnyone who has driven down an interstate has most likely seen a truck travelling with cars loaded on the back. There is a reason that so many trucks are loaded down with cars moving state to state. In the grand scheme of things, these trucks are the most inexpensive way to have a car shipped to virtually anywhere in the United States. These trucks, or open transport trucks, are the simplest method of shipping an automobile and are the most commonly used forms of transport available today. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about open transport that you may not already know:

  • Open transport saves you money!

It seems like every time you go to fuel your car up lately, the price of gas just goes further and further up and never seems to go down. Imagine how much you would have to spend if you operated a large truck. Open carriers are able to load multiple cars at a time, thus making the expense of gas dwindle down as they obtain more cars to haul. Many drivers will try to make sure they have a full load at all times in order to increase sales for car deliveries. Depending on how many trucks are in your area at the time you need to have your car shipped, it can take as little as a few days or up to a couple of weeks before one is close enough to pick your car up. It’s always a good idea to schedule transport at least a couple weeks in advance in order for the company to make sure a truck will be nearby at that time to pick your car up.

  • Cost is Lower for Open Transport

Many people often wonder why it cost so much more to ship a car in an enclosed container than it does to ship with an open transport truck. First you have to figure in the charges for the container, and then there is the fact that more people ship on open transport trucks than in containers. If you have a luxury car or a classic car an enclosed transport would be recommended for added protection during shipment. The fact that more people opt for open transport helps with keeping the cost down for everyone as they share a truck. The more cars on the truck at any given time, the less the cost to each individual consumer who has a car being shipped on that particular truck. Most transporters will charge cash on delivery for car shipping and when they are able to deliver a car every day they’re able to earn money daily for up to 10 cars a day if they deliver all of them. Enclosed transporters can only load 1-2 cars at a time on their truck and that means less chance of earning money for multiple cars daily.

There are automobile transport companies for virtually every type of motor vehicle on the market today. Some may cater solely to owners of classic, expensive, exotic or vintage automobiles while others transport ATV, motorcycles or sports vehicles. Regardless of the specialty, auto transporters are on the road every day of the year hauling cars from coast to coast. While most customers prefer open shipping because of the convenience of time that is saved as well as lower cost, there are many other options for transporting a car. Your auto transport agent will be able to discuss the type of transport available in your area as well as transport that will fit your personal budget. Automobile transportation is one of the largest industries around the world today. If you’re planning a move and need to have your car transported by a professional auto transporter you need to contact Boston Auto Transport to handle all of your automobile shipping needs. A member of our staff will be able to answer all of your questions about car shipping as well as provide you with an affordable price that can’t be beat.

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